‘They left only Ross’s hat’

you-cannot-trust-the-public-trusteeSomewhere between 7am and 10 am on Thursday 15 October 2014 they came for Ross at his home in Sunnybank.

His carer had just left for work. No warning was given to Ross’s unpaid carer or his support people despite the fact that we are all listed in various government agencies as Ross’s friends and support people.

Ross has been in good health and in good spirits. His mind is active and his memory good.

They took Ross away and they took his wife Ellen’s ashes too. They left his hat.

They left his two dogs (Phoebe and Harry) at the glass front door. I saw them waiting patiently for Ross when I arrived at 10 am. When I asked people at the local shopping centre if they had seen Ross, they said that they knew him but had not seen him.

Those that took Ross have a motto: ‘Protecting the rights of vulnerable Queenslanders’.

‘They’ call themselves the Public Guardian of Queensland (until recently, the Adult Guardian).

We are concerned about the mental anguish they have caused Ross by taking him from his home.

The Public Guardian refused to tell Ross’s carer or support people where they put him and would not give any reasons why.

We have made written complaint to both the Public Guardian and the Ombudsman.

We have complained in person to the Brisbane Manager of the Adult Guardian and to the Public Trustee.

We have sought an order from Qld Civil Administration Tribunal (QCAT) for the Public Guardian to be removed as Ross Taylor’s guardian and that Ross be returned home. To no avail. Ross has been locked up in a high security RSL facility on the Sunshine Coast for six long months, over 100 kilometres away from his friends and supporters.

None have responded to our questions or given reasons for their actions.

Please show your support for Ross by adding your name to this petition to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in the comments box below.

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Your petitioners request that the Public Guardian return Ross Taylor to his family home where he feels safe and secure.

We also request that the Public Trustee be ordered to investigate the fraud that has resulted in Ross Taylor losing his life savings and his family home.

Friends of Ross Taylor
April 2015

101 thoughts on “‘They left only Ross’s hat’

    1. I applied for and got Administrator for my sister with QCAT. QPT had sold the few shares she had and was left without a decent dividend income. That wa over $4000 per annum. The Accountant and Share Broker both made money. QPT allowed her to spend money recklessly never checking if she needed a new washing machine and dryer. Allowed her to rake up huge chemist bills and the list goes on. Left now with $40000 only earning a measly 2% per annum. Being such a fierce advocate for my sister the QPT fought me at the QCAT hearing. I may have won that battle but my sister lost a lot of money because of them.


    2. After witnessing how my wifes mother is currently being treated by these places leaves me sick in the stomach and i feel for anyone who has to go through the kangaroo court they have in place..my wife has spent the last 18 months trying to make the rest of her life as enjoyable as it can with mild dementia and now the public trustee and there cronies call the shots and to be honest an animal has more rights,unless someone is made accountable this garbage will continue to be swept under the carpet…absolute disgust is all i think of them.


      1. I sympathise and feel vey sorry to hear of your situation. It appears that not much has changed since my own mother passed away after being taken over by the Office of the Public Guardian. All I can say is keep trying to stand up for your rights and do not give up.


    3. put your complaint on Change.com for better results.
      I’ve had identical problems in the past and lost two friends


  1. Watch the video……note that Mark Crofton, now the acting public trustee, states that he is advising his client, The public trustee. No one in the public trustee office was acting for Ross Taylor.. His friends were fighting for justice. The public trustee’s only interest was what they could get out of it.


  2. Check out the annual report 2014….. there is talk of self funding…..No…monies provided by others and invested by the Public trustee and exorbitant fees are charged to vulnerable people placed under the trustees administration. Monies invested by the trustee and pittance paid to those whose funds whose funds are invested.
    Transparency…….try asking for invoices.
    Fees….try getting some logic.
    Ask for an investigation….always an internal investigation done. How can that be independant?


    1. The word ‘independent’ has a TOTALLY different meaning to that in any known dictionary when used by a politician or a beauracrazy (MIS-spelling intended). Consider for example the various ‘independent’ parliamentary renumeration tribunals (carefully stacked with known politician-friendly drones) or the ‘independent’ Costello commission of Inquiry that conveniently ignored the fact that as a very ordinary (in the most derogatory meaning possible) solicitor, Costello wasn’t qualified to do anything of a financial nature and furthermore the intended beneficiaries were clients of his consulting firm. More recently we’ve seen Mermaid Ray flogging a hairbrained cableway proposal which was only made possible during the dying days of the Noddy fascist regime by Ray Stevens conveniently arranged membership of an ‘independent’ committee which changed natural area protection laws to benefit the project. Whilst I admit to having a nasty suspicious mind where politicians are concerned,I contend that the political meaning of ‘independent’ is a token attempt at an arms-length arrangement sufficient to pull the wool over the eyes of most of the sheeple most of the time.


    2. A common legal principle is nobody can be compelled to incriminate themselves (you have the right to remain silent and all that crap). With this in mind, why would any reasonable person seriously expect the Public Trustee goons to provide invoices that could only incriminate them ?? Mind you the ‘right to silence’ rule has been degraded in Queensland except as it applies to bureaucrazies.


  3. I’ve lodged numerous complaints with the Public Trustee, none of which have drawn a halfway intelligent response. Most have produced totally pointless blah blah comments that failed totally to address the issues raised. One has reportedly been escalated to top of the shit-pile Crofton who declined to carry out the review which he is legally required to do. Mind you thats hardly surprising given the unbridled arrogance typical of Public Trustee turds.


  4. I’ve made quite a lot of progress with my issues although there is still a long way to go before we are out of the woods. Thankfully I’ve encountered a number of victims willing to add their numbers to the battle and am hopefully of a lot more as the word gets out that a group of victims with a little bit of knowledge and a tonne of determination is on the warpath. Some of the stories I’ve been told by victims can only be described as heart-wrenching and thats really something for a person who has been hardened by exposure to the absolute worst that human ingenuity can devise. Until relatively recently I had the impression that my matters were the saddest yet, however a family I encountered only yesterday had one of the worst horror-stories imaginable, unfortunately its undoubtedly only one of many similar events.


    1. Hi, the more people who know about this site the better. We can pull together and get something happening. Now is an ideal time with the confusion in the Qld government ranks. Write to local politicians, premier and anyone else. Expect a response.Rosslyn


      1. Politicians & bureaucracies are particularly adept at deflecting complaints consequently its essential to keep hounding them unmercifully until they extract their digits & do something to earn their exorbitant salaries.


  5. Earlier today I stumbled across an old contact who currently has a quite influential position in Canberra and I’m hoping to receive significance from that quarter in the near future. One issue I’m exploring is that of Human Rights. Its obvious to all who have been through the wringer that no gubmunt department whether state or federal has a clue about ‘rights’. The bumph on the Human Rights Commission website stating the feds have accepted & ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is merely hot air. A few muppets have even admitted ‘we don’t take that stuff seriously’. In the deep north we have a Discrimination Commission that is quite open about telling would be clients that unless the discrimination complaint involves a queer bitching about a straight, an alien complaining about a citizen or a woman complaining about a man, its not of any interest or concern to the commission. Mind you under federal law, white caucasians regardless of nationality are afforded no protection against discrimination because they are ‘not members of a race’. Interestingly the same provision exists in OZ, the UK, the US, Canada & the Irish Republic …. and some people tell me there is no such thing as conspiracy. Seems to me a halfway decent human rights lawyer (that assumes both the existence of a non-parasitic lawyer AND one into human rights who doesn’t believe human rights stops with queers & aliens) could do wonders with the constant barrage of wanton brutality inflicted on victims of the state.


    1. There is unquestionably another ‘system’ to the obvious one which presents itself as democracy. Given the proven inanity of most of our so-called ‘leaders’ its clear that someone else is really pulling the strings. We’ve all heard the conspiracy stories about lizards in human form, the ‘ChemSpray’ reports, the suggestions regarding de-population and for the really way out on left field fraternity, the even more fanciful ‘freeman’ theories. My thoughts are that most if not all these are red-herrings devised by the real power brokers to lure dissidents up this or that dry gulley. First consider the fact of the ‘not members of a race’ law existing in all supposedly civilized / predominantly white countries (alluded to earlier today by Yes Minister). Who or what was responsible for the virtually identical legislation ?? Secondly consider the farcical legal / financial / banking systems existing in essentially similar forms in every supposedly civilized country.. Thirdly consider the political systems which are merely a ‘smoke and mirrors’ attempt to convince the sheeple their wishes are considered and finally, consider the care systems ostensibly created to ensure acceptable living standards for those unable to look after themselves. The ‘real’ string pullers of all these are obviously ultra-powerful individuals (whether the Rothchilds / Bilderbergs / Catholic Church / something else / combination of the previous) who are perfectly capable of buying whatever suits them, nevertheless they need armies of peasants to buy stuff and to do the menial jobs while the string-pullers sit in their counting houses blah blah blah (does that ring a bell ??) OK now what happens to all that moolah that the odd peasant manages to amass ?? Clearly its not quite the done thing for a peasant to actually have a measure of control over their life, which raises the question of how the string-pullers re-gain that to which they are entitled. Enter the likes of taxation, flash for cash, the ‘IL-legal’ system and last but not least the QCAT / Public Guardian / Public Trustee consortium. Together these systems do an admirable job of re-distributing wealth from the peasants (who are obviously incapable of handling money) to those ‘entitled’ to it. Unfortunately for the string-pullers, there are all those pesky varmints popping up making unwelcome noises to anyone prepared to listen although to date there has not been a plan devised to deal with the troublemakers.(other than to keep fobbing them off with feeble excuses). What happens when the volume of noise created drowns out the cries from the string-pullers to silence those pesky varmints ….. but thats a story for another day.


  6. I don’t know that compelling the Public Trustee to ‘investigate’ is likely to produce anything but lies. When its all said and done lying is one of very few things at which the grubs excel (notable others being arrogance, mismanagement, deception and ineptitude). Bureaucratic systems in general cannot be trusted to investigate themselves and this one is certainly no exception. In theory we have the Public Advocate, Queensland Ombudsman, QCAT & Attorney General, all of which ostensibly have authority to investigate and rectify problems with the Public Trustee however we have yet to see any semblance of effective supervision. The Law Reform Commission has identified a number of issues with the current arrangements including the extreme privacy rules supposedly intended to protect vulnerable people but which are shamelessly exploited by all previously named entities to stifle would-be whistleblowers. I understand that at least one victim has requested three Attorneys General send a ‘please explain’ to the head of the Public Trustee which has responded in each instance with a feeble statement to the effect that there is insufficient evidence of wrongdoing. Even the abysmally poor performance of Public Trustee investments escapes censure due to the Public Trustee being ‘deemed’ a competent money manager (which as we all know is FAR from the truth). I see a mention elsewhere of Public Interest Disclosures being permitted for the purpose of an Ombudsman investigation. It may be that this provides a way around the secrecy law that has to date hampered victims.


  7. No Govt.funded body is ever going to go against the hand that feeds them no matter how
    “independent” they say they are. All of those entities are just window dressing and expertly designed to frustrate the complainant to the point of absolute despair. Been there done that.

    A political champion together with huge public demand for Law Reform is the only way forward – that means us. All the other Govt. organisations and interbred entities will not actually help but they are good at pretending that they will.

    Community Justice/Legal Centres have been silenced by the Govt. issuing gag clauses with threats of funding withdrawal if they pursue law reform. In essence, therefore, despite these Centres’ good intentions and efforts in assisting the underdog, they have been rendered ineffective. How can you be otherwise in a broken system which prevents, and denies the right to seek and legislate law reforms which are urgently needed. If they beat down the advocates, what hope does the average person have in navigating the corridors of power in pursuit of such legislation?

    The only way law reform will ever take place is if a politician has the moral fibre and conscience to challenge the Govt. and seek legislated law reforms which remove the
    unfettered power of the PG and its abuses of human rights and the Public Trustees’ financial extortion of the protected persons’ Estates.

    Guardianship is a national problem as the canker that pervades the Qld PT&G happens in every State across the country – the individuals and families who suffer at the hands of these destructive organisations may have different names but the horror stories are the essentially the same.

    The only way out from the hellish nightmare thus far is the protected person’s untimely death. A heavy price indeed to pay for freedom; it is no use to you or particularly your loved one when they are dead.

    What an appalling legacy of a Govt. which supports a system that is so draconian and heartless – and a long history of public servants so pathetic – that it should hang its head in shame. “Guardians” what an absolute misnomer!

    Bridgette Pace


    1. Thanks for that Bridgette. A significant number of us have recently managed to to make contact with the view that there is at least some strength in numbers. Its blatantly obvious that individual cries are far too easily discounted however it must surely be more difficult for the entities involved to ignore a growing clamour of discontent. I take you point regarding government funded bodies, in fact I notice recent reports that have revealed bribes to Carers Queensland & I understand from another source that PresCare may well have also been compromized. The attempts by the Public Advocate & the Queensland Ombudsman to sweep complaints under the carpet are obvious. On the other hand at least one media operation has aired victims stories albeit without achieving anything significant and I’m aware of a few political figures who have recently expressed interest. Whether or not those ‘interests’ actually go anywhere is another question, maybe its just a question of how many similar complaints they receive.


      1. Public servants have long been out of control everywhere in Australia. These f***wits believe themselves some kind of deity empowered with the might of a thousand a***holes and the wisdom of Solomon, despite being full of faeces and totally devoid of functional grey cells. What I find especially scarey is the fact that the Public Trustee is by far the only home away from home for raving lunatics. While there is little doubt that particular enterprise is among the worst, there are many comparable ones only a half step behind. .


  8. Meeting on Monday 27th April. 2p.m. at 139 Bay Terrace, Wynnum. Whilst we all have met with the abuse of the trustee and the public guardian, what do we want to achieve so others are not put through the same situations. This meeting will be to set some goals and then as a group we can work towards achieveing same. If you would like more details Rosslyn 0407 118893 Everyone welcome

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    1. I’ll be there with bells on 🙂 🙂 🙂 From my perspective the most critical issue is the total lack of unaccountability of the lunatics. They are arrogant beyond measure, they couldn’t lie straight in bed, they are easily the most inept financial mismanagers in existence, in fact the only thing in which they excel is the ability to distort situations to their own benefit. There are quite obviously thousands of victims out there and as far as I can see, the only way to get them on board is a media story.


    2. I just discovered a QCAT decision posted on another website regarding a certain victim abducted by the Public Guardian. Reading through the document I see the name J Casey appears. Some people of my acquaintance have encountered this evil witch who is reportedly not only extremely arrogant but also severely mentally challenged. Beats me how lunatics get into positions of authority, but then I guess its just another example of the ‘Peter Principle’ which requires that people must be promoted beyond their particular level of ineptitude.


  9. Good to see the show getting on the road. Karma has always been a scarey thing, it might take a while to get rolling but when it does, pity help whatever is in its firing line. I’ve never believed something as broken as the QLD Public Trustee can ever be ‘fixed’, its problems are far too systemic for any band-aid approach to rectify. That said, for the immediate future I’m happy to work in any direction that offers improvement but in the long term it needs to be recognized that its impossible to properly sort out an entity that answers to nobody.


  10. The Public Trustee is not a human services organisation, it is a financial services organisation. It has no capacity to consider the welfare and lifestyle needs of its clients, only their bank accounts.

    Like all financial services, its bottom line is maintaining its own income streams which is by management fees. In one case I am aware of, the Public Trustee charges represent over 80% of money earned from the managed investment. Yet these fees are still counted as income for Centrelink payments.

    The Public Trustee exists in two dimensions, 1/ As an independent corporation with an obligation to make a profit and 2/ As an agency of the state, set up by legislation and accountable to the Attorney General.

    Therefore, the Public Trustee has two vested interests above and beyond the needs of its clients – 1/ To maintain an income stream (management fees) from invested dollars rather than purchase things, such as a house, car or overseas trip, etc. for their clients and 2/ To invest their client’s funds in state government financial shananigans such as selling off public assets and the -Treasury run – Queensland Investment Corporation.
    There are many clients of the Public Trustee who have (or had) the funds to own their own home and be able to access full pension. But instead they live in nursing homes, hostels and some on the street because their money has been invested in schemes that provide cash flows for the Public Trustee and so called “private investment” in privatised state assets. Once the Public Trustee has taken its fee out of the profit from the investment, many of the clients are stuck in inappropriate accommodation with nothing but their pension to support them – as if they had no assets at all. In one case that I am aware, Public Trustee management fees were withdrawn from a person’s pension in order to keep his investment portfolio intact.

    Some of these people cannot access public housing and legal aid because their assets, of which they receive no significant benefit, are too high for asset tests.

    The Public Trustee creates poverty


  11. Open meeting 30th May, 2015… Saturday 2pm. Address to be advised. Somewhere central West End, South Brisbane area. Any idea? All welcome. For further information Rosslyn 0407 118893. Bernie. 0437 439754


  12. The position as public trustee has been advertised…..We should all apply….from information to hand….there are plenty of people that could do a good job.


    1. Somehow I don’t think an application from a known dissident would get very far, in any case I wouldn’t want to be in the same building as certain of the bloodsucking parasite ‘trust’ officers I’ve encountered. A saying comes to mind about lying down with dogs. Actually I had a snippet of encouraging news this week. An associate who recently informed me that he and his wife had engaged the Public Trustee to prepare their last will & testament just happened to change their mind after I enlightened them regarding a few ‘interesting’ points they had overlooked. Seems they decided it would be better to get a local lawyer to do a new will 🙂 🙂 🙂 Whilst that little effort would only have resulted in a few thousand dollars loss for the parasites, I fully intend tracking down a tribe of poor mugs who have been sucked in by the ‘free’ nonsense. At a guesstimated couple of thousand dollars loss for the PT per will, a thousand losses amounts to two million dollars total. Obviously a bunch of others doing the same trick means a very significant drop in profit for our friends at the bottom of Queen Street.


    2. Hi Roslyn, that job would be to fill “Cathy’s” shoes!! She was at the Ipswich office.
      After I found out my father had died TWO years ago, both the Ipswich and Brisbane office ( Who have photos of me on the wall and for some reason are scared to deal with me!) put my fathers estate to Ipswich.. After finally getting answers, it was in fact “Cathy” who was the estate officer…
      Unfortunately, for her this upset me….
      Cathy will not be back for some reason!!


  13. Monthly meeting…..last Saturday of the month at 2pm. this month is at Avid Reader, Boundary street, West. End.
    We will be looking at actions that have been taken in the last week. and formulating future action. An agenda will be in place and will be posted for the next month’s meeting. If there is anything you would like discussed please let me know so I cn add to the agenda items…..
    If you are not in Brisbane and would like to attend….we will look t options for Skype or teleconferencing.

    Rosslyn 0407 118893.


  14. Deatr Pat
    Thanks for organising an inspection of the file.

    Please find attached a document that I tried serving on Senior Member Clare Endicott yesterday as required by the court of appeal.

    Your office refused service at 11:10 am.

    Can you explain why that is?

    Why refuse service of a document that is lawfully made out?

    Who issued the instruction to attack a 64 year old man, knock him to the ground, choke and handcuff him?

    I have a witness to this unecessary attack on my person and wish to make a formal complaint to your office for this unlawful assault and clear contempt of court.

    All I was doing was to try to serve a court-of-appeal document on your office.

    Your officer (I don’t know his name) told me to go to the Crown Law Office in George Street to serve said document there.

    Does Crown Law have instructions to receive doccuments on your behalf?

    If not why direct me to serve the document there?

    I also tried to serve the document at the Magistrate’s Court Brisbane but was unsuccessful.

    I have copied in the Crown Solicitor because it was his officer Gerrard Salmon (sp??) who refused service.

    I append said document and ask if you will accept service on behalf of Senior Member Clare Endicott?

    Yours sincerely,
    Ian Curr
    20 June 2015

    Dear Mr Curr

    Pat is no longer the case manager for Mr Taylor’s file as he has returned to his previous position. Darren Clark will return to the role of Deputy Registrar from next Monday, 29 June and will be your primary contact from that time (the telephone number will remain the same).

    Until 29 June, I will be looking after the files assigned to the Deputy Registrar, including the file inspection set for 10:00am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

    I will be able to discuss the queries you have raised in your e-mail at that time.

    Should you have any queries prior to tomorrow morning, please don’t hesitate to contact me, either on the telephone number below, or this e-mail address.

    Mathew James
    Registrar, Human Rights Division | Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
    Level 9 | BOQ Building | 259 Queen Street | Brisbane Qld 4000
    GPO Box 1639 | Brisbane Qld 4001

    Shuffling staff so no one gets too involved. Had an interesting meeting with Matthew James yesterday as we viewed the files. “It complies with the QCAT Act” Too many acts and no accountability or ethics involved. “It complies with the QCAT act”


  15. In theory, laws are made by politicians and apply equally to citizens, bureacrazies, politicians and monarchs. The reality however is completely different. Not only are laws applied selectively but justice is merely a commodity in that the more money one has, the more justice can be purchased. With entities like the kangaroo court and the Public DIS-trustee, laws are only recognized when they can be used against victims of the aforementioned entities and laws that would impede the kangaroo court and / or their depraved cohorts are totally ignored.. Furthermore victims of the Public DIS-trustee are commonly denied use of their own money for legal counsel to extricate themselves from the avaricious clutches of the Public DIS-trustee. Needless to say the kangaroo court turns a blind eye to Public DIS-trustee activities that would have a private lawyer disbarred before smoko. To add insult to injury, official kangaroo court complaints documentation states that the buck stops at el presidente however it fails to mention that the learned f**kwit doesn’t actually respond to submissions. Things work slightly different down at the Public DIS-trustee where those complaints that can’t be ignored are routed to the legal department which helps itself to the victims bank account.


    1. Not only are laws applied selectively but justice is merely a commodity in that the more money one has, the more justice can be purchased.

      I could not agree with you more – when after decades of farming and now seriously sick as a result of the constant use both here and in the UK of systemic chemicals – I separated and went to the Sydney Family Court for the usual stuff related to money owing etc., as I was essentially destitute and relying on a ‘disability pension’ MCS is and can be an insidious problem for many – I at the time relied on ‘Legal Aid’ – when a friend told me prior to the court case does your husband have money ‘yes’ I said we worked hard, long hours etc.,and had sold the farm in the UK to come to Australia – he told me, then as you are using ‘Legal Aid’ you will not win but if your husband has the money he will – indeed the Family Court Judge when told this was a ‘Legal Aid’ case on my behalf said, well we better get through this quickly so as not to cost the taxpayer any further expense – he commended my husband on paying his legal fees and then insult to injury made the following comment:

      “That he was an expert in farming and that for the wife’s medical experts to suggest that she had been poisoned by the use of ‘organophosphates’ or that farmer’s used chemicals beggared belief because the very word ‘organophophates’ was the long word for ‘organic’ that farmers did not have chemicals on farms…so both the wife and her medical experts were fabricating the truth” – case dismissed the husband did not have to support the wife…30 years of my life cut at the whim of one Judge…

      Might this tale be a question of ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’ saga?

      Josephine Wadlow-Evans


      1. Judges and magistrates in Australia (including those of the kangaroo variety) believe themselves untouchable due to our ill-conceived separation of powers. No human can be trusted with authority unless there are very rigidly enforced checks and balances. Consider for example the Noddy Newman government that managed to lose in dramatic fashion the most un-losable election in recorded history, purely because of its over_the_top arrogance. Unfortunately judicial f**kwits are allowed to regulate themselves so its hardly surprising they have their heads so far up their fundamental orifice that they wouldn’t recognize daylight of it fell on them. I’ve just got off the phone to the Legal Services Commission, an employee of which informed me that the only way they would consider a complaint against a lawyer (Public DIS-trustee) or judicial officer (several QCAT monkeys) would be if it was made by a lawyer. Given the rules of the brotherhood, very few lawyers would be prepared to make an adverse comment about one of their comrades and more so if the complaint involved a judicial officer. I have no doubt that any lawyer with the temerity to break ranks would find themselves ostracized within days.


  16. The latest episode in the life and times of a certain victim of the kangaroo court and the Public DIS-trustee begins with said victim attempting to extricate themself from the clutches of the aforementioned bloodsucking parasites. Firstly, lawyers acting for, and representing the interests of the Public DIS-trustee, have decided to fund themselves by helping themselves to their victims bank account. Note particularly that this was done with full approval of the kangaroo court. After discussing this with a number of other interested parties, I have come to the conclusion that its not a once off event but rather something that has been going on since time immemorial. When the victim attempted to retain a private lawyer (who is required by the Legal Services Commission to observe certain standards), Public DIS-trustee lawyers suggested they would prevent their victim from using the victims own funds for a private lawyer. Now there are ostensibly laws against a lawyer acting for opposing parties, but as we all know, laws are considered optional by the kangaroo court and the Public DIS-trustee. When asked to intervene, the Legal Services Commission advised that it will not accept a complaint by a member of the public against staff of a government department (note the Public DIS-trustee is a private organization when convenient for deniability but a government department when that works better for grubs incorporated), although it will accept a complaint made by a lawyer. This requirement can only be viewed as a blatant attempt to silence dissent about bent government lawyers since any lawyer whether in private practice or otherwise who raised a hand against a member of the brotherhood would be immediately ostracized. According to official kangaroo court complaints documentation, the buck stops at the president of the kangaroo court however it fails to mention that said president doesn’t respond to complaints.. Its unclear whether or not the Legal Services Commission will take action against a president of the kangaroo court (supreme court judge) but it must be considered highly unlikely as these clowns are in a position to ensure they are well protected.


  17. Meeting at West End …AVid Reader Saturday 25th July….2015 2 pm.

    AGENDA>>>. all items up for discussion

    EPOA Ros
    Roytal Commission Bernie
    Class Action. Doug
    QADA Ros
    Health Ombudsman Ros
    Court Results Ian
    Naming of Victums Ros
    PT fees….Doug
    QCAT/ Courts …PT? Mental Health patients

    NOTE: This is a regular meeting….last Saturday of the month….2p.m. Venue may change but time will not. If you cannot attend please advise and we may be able to connect you by Skpye or phone contact.

    Queries: Bernie0437 439754
    Rosslyn 0407 118893


  18. Those who have done a bit of poking around the kangaroo court might have noticed the name Claire Endicott keeps popping up in Appeal Court complaints alleging bias. Furthermore I understand that QCAT members are supposedly only there for limited time. Endicott dates from GAAT days. Why hasn’t she been given her marching orders ??


  19. The Right Way – A dialogue about a Human Rights Act for Queensland

    This is worth looking at and attending if possible.

    Meeting this Saturday 29th August, 2015 at 2pm Avid Reader West End.\
    Please advise Rosslyn of any matters you want put on the agenda.


  20. One has to have a chuckle at the label attached to Mark James. Do the clowns really think that words suggesting that turkey has any interest in ‘human rights’ have any value. Mind you they could well be following the line from old mate Adolf Hitler ‘tell a lie often enough and the sheeple will believe it’.


  21. My mother is being murdered……slowly

    Masters Lodge Blue Care is an aged care facility in Hervey Bay. My mother, Bernice Price, resides here and is being murdered…..slowly
    Bernice was moved to the facility in January, 2012, by guardians who acted outside the scope of their appointment. She then came under the Public Guardian (a Queensland government department under the department of justice). The public guardian would not return Bernice to her previous residence, stating that she was too fragile to move. Needless to say I was able to bring her to Chambers Flat without any difficulty and she was returned to Hervey Bay three days later without any difficulty or incidence due to fragility.
    Bernice was then denied outings because of chronic respiratory disease, except for facility outings. Outings were then granted provided a wheelchair taxi was used and only for one hour in they advised, duration. The taxi driver asked about a subsidy voucher. In December, 2013, I then requested from the guardian that they provide the voucher as this was their stipulation. No, it was for me to obtain same. To apply for the voucher, I needed details of medication, but they would not provide me with the medication being administered. In 2015 the guardian provided the subsidy card to the facility. In May the card had a notation attached, that it could not be used without the “written permission of the public trustee”
    The continual use of a catheter will cause infection. The infection goes untreated. Twice this has happened except I stepped in. After the infection in October, 2014 I was told I could no longer bring food into the facility, although I had been bringing a meal for my mother and myself, since I had been visiting , which at this time was weekly., two meals a day, lunch and dinner, plus morning and afternoon tea. At times other residents would join us. In June, 2015 the facility staff changed Bernice’s diet to soft food (slop). Yet, she would eat eagerly and without any difficulty, when I gave her banana, strawberries, cheese, bread, sausage, tomato, beetroot, pawpaw and blueberries.
    When I was with Bernice, she was able to feed herself and hold a cup. Staff at Masters lodge claim she is unable to do so. They have denied her the opportunity. On my arrival I would be advised that Bernice had been given breakfast or that she declined to eat. However, she was then able to eat a full weetbix, a banana, a glass of fruit juice and a cup of tea. If Bernice had been given breakfast how was this possible?
    Liquid, juice or water is provided to her but is placed beyond her reach.
    On 12th August, 2015 I was advised that I was no longer able to walk the approx. 200mt path without the facility grounds with Bernice, either in the fold out chair. By this time Blue Care had confined her to a fold out chair if the staff took Bernice from her room. This path, where we would stop to view the lovely garden tendered by a resident in the independent units, was no longer safe, although I had been taking her on this walk since she had been at Hervey Bay.
    Catheter’s cause infection. Lack of food and fluids deny the organs the ability to function appropriately, causing them to shut down. Windows open with cold wind blowing in, and lack of appropriate clothing ( a jumper like everyone else in the facility) causes infection leading to pneumonia. Lack of stimulation of all senses breaks the spirit. Bernice is often in her room for up to twenty hours day. Staff have taken away her ability to use her limbs or communicate orally. All tactics used by facilities to cause premature death.
    If these don’t work there is always medication to deter normal functioning. Bernice speaks clearly and plainly prior to medication. Why is there a difference?
    Bernice 98 years of age, and in good health. According to one staff member administering medication, Bernice is doing really well…” the medication she is on is negligible.”
    I have witnessed this not only to Bernice but to other residents at Masters Lodge. Facilities claim they need volunteers to assist, but interrupt their plans and you are no longer welcome. I am now denied visits to Bernice, my mother.
    Blue Care Masters Lodge want my visits supervised. What have they got to hide? Where is the transparency?
    RSPCA would take action against the abuse of an animal treated in this manner. For a human, this is government sanctioned abuse and pre-meditated murder.




      Yes I identify with your situation. My mother was taken from my care by the Public Guardian and forcibly placed in Opal Caloundra nursing home, away from everything and everyone she knew in Cooloola Cove. I had moved from Victoria to Queensland some 4 years ago to care for my mother and spend time with her but now every time I want to visit her I have to drive a 200km round trip. What then was the point of me moving? There is no public transport available for me to use to get there. If I complain about the care she is receiving I am often denied visitation rights. On my second visit to see my mother I tried to help her go to the toilet as no one came to assist after I pressed the buzzer three times. This led to an altercation with staff who then accused me of bruising my mother and forcing her to stand against her wishes. Opal apparently reported this to the police so that my mother appeared as a victim of crime and that she herself reported that she had been assaulted. Given my mother has dementia I doubt this was possible! I recently finally cleared myself of this misrepresentation of facts. The Manager of Opal then denied me access to see my mother.

      Over the time my mother has been at Opal I have noticed many bruises on her arms and legs, plus a cut on her upper arm, but I have been told this is because she is old. Also, last year she had to be rushed to emergency at Nambour Hospital with impacted bowels and such a swollen stomach I thought it would burst. A couple of weeks ago I noticed her stomach was swollen again but when I requested she be taken to hospital for a second opinion I was accused of threatening to remove my mother from Opal and that I had been abusive to staff and consequently the Public Guardian denied the right to visit her for two weeks. How fair is this? How is this in the best interest of my mother?

      This situation has distressed me so much it has been unbearable at times. I often wake up crying. My mother’s finances were taken over by the Public Trustee and her beautiful home which I had lived in with my mother was left to deteriorate for over a year and then it was sold for next to nothing in January. I had to watch everything my parents worked for discarded by them. I still do not know what happened to a lot of their possessions. A couple of fridges and items of furniture were sold at auction for just over $300. My remaining things were thrown in her rubbish bin. This was the home which had been in the family for 35 years and which I helped to maintain since my father died in 2001. I also looked after her finances since then but now most of her money has been spent and I am in the process of asking the Public Trustee to demonstrate how their financial plan was better than mine. I found the QCAT process very unfair, especially the way my EPOA was simply taken off me for no good reason. The appeal process was not honoured. I appealed the decision a few weeks after the first Hearing in January 2016 and it was finally heard in May of this year, 2017. There has still been no decision made. In between this another Hearing determined the Public Guardian and Public Trustee stay in place for a further two years.

      I cannot believe this has happened to me and my mother. I have missed out now on sharing what valuable and precious time we would have had together, had our lives not been taken out of our control by these cruel and heartless people.

      Unfortunately, it was my brother who initiated all of this. He became a nurse a couple of years ago and made allegations about me to the Public Guardian I believe because he wanted to hurry up his inheritance and wanted my mother’s house sold. He has worked hand in hand with these authorities to get his way and I am flabbergasted as to how he has been able to commandeer them. I am also disappointed that the government could be so desperate as to take advantage to such an extent of an old lady who was a decent citizen. A lady who survived the horrors of World War 2 in Greece, met my father in England and who both came to Australia for a better life…. I expected better of this country really I did.


      1. Hello. I would love to be in contact with you. My phone number is 0407 118893 I am happy to phone you. Rosslyn


  22. Carl, Ross to his friends, came under the control of the Queensland public guardian and the public trustee following gross financial abuse by a friend who claimed to have EPOA(enduring power of attorney) He had been stripped of his assets that he had worked hard to acquire and to provide for his own care in his later years. Carl is now 82.
    The guardian requested an ACAT assessment. These assessment can be obtained to suit the purposes of those requesting same. High care? Low care? Do you want placement in an aged care facility? Dementia? False reports ordered by the public guardian in conjunction of the public trustee.
    Carl was living in his own home with an unpaid carer/friend. The house was clean and tidy. Carl was being encouraged to be independent. Progress was being made to improving quality of life…exercising, memory, nutritious food, preparation of meals, travelling known bus route to meet friends. Carl walked daily to the shopping centre 100 meters down the road where he would read the papers, The Australian and the Courier mail. He would talk with shop keepers and friends who had been his family for years. Official “care agency” workers call this “wandering” and is viewed negatively in and ACAT assessment. Why?
    Carl was placed in a RSL Tantula Rise, in a high care dementia ward. A facility at Alexandra Headlands, approximately 100 kms from his home at Sunnybank. There was no consultation with his friends who had been socialising with Carl on a daily basis, the people who provided consistency in actions and able to assess progress in a consistent manner.
    An independent assessments arranged by Carl’s friends has been ignored. Carl has a strong group of friends who have been a positive network over a period of time varying from seven years to two and half years. The public trustee ordered a report by one of their own staff. Staff at RSL complied with the trustees request…negative reports. Totally opposite to the independent report.
    On the 28th August, the public guardian kindly provided Carl’s friends with reports, inviting comments to enable them to make their decision as to Carl returning home or remaining in RSL Tantula Rise. The guardian then provided correspondence in late September, advising that the decision had been made on the 25th August. (No mistake….the dates are correct) Carl is to stay at RSL Tantula Rise.
    And we are supposed to respect these government agencies. The public trustee took no action against those who had stolen Carl’s assets. The police have been informed and have taken no action. A federal government water tank grant obtained by the power of attorney, but the tank never installed. A property owned by Mr. Taylor at West End for the local community was sold for $970k when there was an offer and valuation for $2.5 million. The public trustee received this offer and sanctioned the sale. Why? Why? Why?
    The guardian is tax payer funded. They are supposed to be independent. From my experience the decision has already been made by the care facility who are making the profit from any and all the residents within their facility.
    The federal government grant is tax payer funded. Why do we keep funding these gross abuses? Why was action not taken by the police to bring about justice? Who stopped the process?
    The public trustee say they are self funded. Not true!! People placed under their “administration” fund the abuses sanctioned by their self made laws. They do not provide invoices. They lack transparency in their conduct. What have the public trustee got to hide?

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    1. I guess it is possible for there to be a less ethical entity than the Public Trustee, but the only one that comes to mind is the political system. No doubt a lawyer could distort the concept of self-funded to include the Public Trustee business model. All thats necessary is the collusion of a certain kangaroo court which funnels a steady stream of unwitting victims into the avaricious clutches of the Public Trustee. The lack of invoices is understandable, why would an organization as parasitic as the Public Trustee provide hard evidence that would prove just how corrupt it really is ?? Personally I have no doubt the whole political / bureaucratic / judicial system is in on the deal. Note that the present Governor was in his previous life the Chief Justice, and in that role he made a LOT of noise about the need for lawyers to be above reproach. Its a pity the clown didn’t include his erstwhile compatriots as the Fitzgerald Inquiry showed an utterly corrupt system can’t exist without the knowledge and approval of at least a few members of the judiciary.


  23. A story from NSW….

    Warning to all Australians – PUBLIC TRUSTEE

    This is what happened to my mother’s estate that she entrusted to the Public Trustee. After the Public Trustee informed me, as an equal beneficiary, that they would work with us to finalise the estate:

    1. They requested from me the return of an ID form, stating all my personal details, i.e. date of birth, address, all bank details. Since this information was confidential, I hand delivered it to their office. They immediately lost it and a second one was sent to me. The loss was denied and all my protests ignored. I have referred this breach of privacy to the Privacy Commission
    Result: I’ve never heard from anyone further

    2. My sister and I agreed to privately sell my mother’s beautiful possessions. However, my sister looted her dead mother’s estate as soon as I started the sale of agreed items. All my protests and requests to return the stolen items to the estate were ignored by the Public Trustee
    Result: I kept money for furniture I managed to sell at the time of the loot, amounting to approximately the same value. There was nothing the Public Trustee could do about that

    3. After the loot, I requested a change of locks from the Public Trustee on my mother’s property in order to stop my sister from further looting. During the 3 days it took them to do this, my sister continued the loot. Even though I had a group of very interested buyers for the rest of the goods, more than willing to pay above market prices, their officer in charge of the estate went on six week training and holidays after the locks were changed. Would not allow an onsite garage sale “due to the Public Trustee’s public liability risk”. Leaving me no choice but to agree to the rest of the possessions to be removed from the house and taken to a Public Trustee auction
    Result: $284.00 for lock change, $654.50 removalist cost, scratched freshly polished kitchen floor, sale of possessions amounting to $525.00 compared to my possible $2000.00, agent’s commission $100.00

    4. As the Public Trustee took 9 months to release my mother’s property for sale, they insisted on insuring it during this time
    Result: $386.66 net LOSS to the estate

    5. To protect themselves from public liability risk, the Public Trustee insisted on continuing the contents insurance on the EMPTY property
    Result: $215.23 plus $15.71 extra premium for vacancy. Net LOSS to the estate $230.94

    Council rates paid while the house stood empty for 9 months: Net LOSS to estate $1140.44

    6. Shortly after my mother’s property was locked up, a water pipe began to leak. For the next 9 months, the office of the Public Trustee paid around $250 per quarter in water rates, failing to notice the excessive amount for water usage in the vacant house. My mother’s last bill having been $77 per quarter for 3 occupants of the house
    Result: approx $750.00 LOSS to the estate, the Public Trustee literally allowing the estate’s money to run down the drain

    7. A couple of years before her death, my mother bought me an older car so I could assist her with shopping and be able to take her dog to the vet. In order to reduce various running costs, we kept the car in her name to take advantage of pensioner discounts. I maintained the car and incurred considerable costs. I provided the Public Trustee with all invoices and receipts. Soon after my mother’s death, with further technical problems, the car was worth around $1000. The Public Trustee offered it to me for $2500. The Public Trustee ignored all my protests at this amount and would not change it.

    My neighbour then offered to purchase the car for this amount, willing to pay the Public Trustee cash. Due to their bureaucracy, the Public Trustee was unable to process a cash transaction, insisted on a cheque from my neighbour and after embroiling him in further bureaucratic demands, he gave up on the car.

    The Public Trustee arranged for the removal of the car from my house to their auctioneer after 3 months of making demands on the car, after many calls from my solicitor for the car to be picked up and finally, after my solicitor’s notification that I was about to have the car towed to the auctioneer myself
    Result: towing to an auctioneer in Newcastle from the Central Coast, rather than to Sydney where the car could have fetched a higher price, it was sold for $1100.00, with sale’s agent’s fee $330.00. Net loss of $1 800.00 to the estate, based on the requested $2 500.00 amount

    8. Although I passed on a number of real estate agents valuations of my mother’s property to the Public Trustee, 3 months after her death in still strong and unchanged market, their valuer valued it at $80,000-130,000 LESS
    Result: Valuer’s fee $353.00, The Public Trustee in one hit and through their decision alone devalued the property by $80, 000 – $130,000

    9. Following my sister’s advice and ignoring my and the real estate agent’s pleas to release the house soon after my mother’s passing in order to realise a development deal in the peak real estate market, the Public Trustee held on to the empty property for 9 months, while deliberately watching the market fall and the developers lose interest. Ignoring my and my solicitor’s requests for details of the proposed auction and reserve price, the property finally went to auction for $80,000 HIGHER reserve than their own valuation
    Result: Inspite of it being set up to be a mock auction designed for the property not to sell and to further manipulate me, to the Public Trustee’ s and my sister’s great shock, I managed to buy my mother house which I helped her to acquire and maintain over 15 years. For $80,000 MORE than it was valued by the Public Trustee

    10. Since I had no reason to expect such a high reserve on the house in by this time depressed real estate market, I arranged for a smaller housing loan. I only agreed to the set reserve price after the real estate agent assured me that the Public Trustee would allow me to withhold the shortfall, to which I was entitled under my mother’s will. Specialising in selling properties for the Public Trustee, he saw this being a common solution in other cases
    Result: The Public Trustee did not approve this solution. In order to complete the purchase, the failure of which would have cost me another legal, prolonged and expensive court case with the Public Trustee, I was forced to sell my own house at a loss. Various associated costs with completing the purchase of my mother’s property came to around $50,000 loss to me

    11. Having inspected my mother’s property after the auction, I discovered that inspite of my express requests to the Public Trustee to keep my sister out of it, they gave her permission to perform “a cleanup” before the auction. Giving her the keys and reimbursing expenses, without a word to me, even though I was an equal beneficiary under my mother’s will
    Result: the unnecessary “cleanup” consisted of my sister’s repainting my mother’s sunny, bright and welcoming home in ghastly grey colours that could not be removed from the wallpaper and brick walls without damaging them. She also had a go at rearranging lights and fittings and leaving the house filthy with ensuing rubbish. Without my knowledge and permission, the Public Trustee reimbursed my sister for this “cleanup” $689.58 from the estate funds. Upon my insistence, they changed the locks on the property a second time at another loss to the estate of $220.00. Also upon my insistence, a visit to the property by the Public Trustee’s clerk to document the damage caused by my sister’s “cleanup” , cost the estate a loss of further $909.58

    12. Mediation/court hearing, various search fees, advertising fees, legal expenses outcome. PT’s per visit fee $150.00
    PT commission on the handling of the estate $11,323.33
    Result: $11,323.33 loss to the estate in Public Trustee legal fees

    My mother left her estate – most of which was the result of 20 years or MY documented hard work – to the Public Trustee. Being a simple woman, she placed her estate into the hands of the public servants in the belief that they would distribute it justly and impartially. This action on her part caused not only huge financial losses to me but destroyed our entire family.

    Before you leave your estate to the Public Trustee, consider the following:

    • The office of the Public Trustee is a self funded organisation, i.e. funded solely from the proceeds of the estates they administer!

    • Do you realise that once your estate passes to the Public Trustee, your beneficiaries are at the total mercy of these public servants who DO NOT have the same attachment to it as you or your family?

    • Do you want these public servants to treat your estate in the same manner they treated my mother’s and many others’?

    • Do you want to put your family through this ordeal, knowing that they’ll have nowhere to turn for help and that a big part of everything you’ve worked for so hard during your lifetime will go to total public service strangers?

    • If you DON’T and have willed your estate to the Public Trustee, please see your solicitor immediately and change the executor of your will. Should you choose a solicitor, at least your family will be able to take recourse with the appropriate legal authority in case of any misconduct

    • Should you be unfortunate to be already dealing with the Public Trustee in a similar manner, please feel free to turn to the below authorities

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      1. Mitchell, you can call the numbers
        Bernie 3300 1405
        Doug 0466 166105
        Rosslyn 0407 118893

        Any of us would be happy to speak to you. We have a monthly meeting and often meet with other in between these monthly meetings.

        Look forward to hearing from you.


  24. There is always someone available on one of the phone numbers provided. We’ve made significant headway in the battle although there is still a long way to go because there are some tall poppies involved and that type is extremely well protected. That said, the grubs are going to go down and there will be a lot of influential personalities exposed as the frauds they are. For what its worth, the reason why the Public Trustee (ostensibly a ‘financial’ organization) retains two occupational therapists is that the home belonging to a victim of the Public Trustee is unprofitable as no fees can be levied against it (apart of course from the PT cut of totally pointless inspections) whereas the proceeds of its sale are available for plunder. It follows that the task of the occupational therapists is to write the shonky ACAT reports essential to turfing the victims out of their home and into a cheap and nasty nursing home (or into Musgrave Park if the victim is of indigenous ancestry)


  25. I made a Will with the Public Trustee in QLD back in 1997 and again in 1998. I have made another Will independately and thought I will get back the Original Will from the PT. I did get the Original Will back which I tore up. However before leaving I enquired if they keep any copies. How horrified I was to find out even though I have cancelled my Wills that the PT keep scanned copies of all Wills whether you like it or not. Ask yourself why? I did and the manager said for contesting purposes and dementia. What a load of crap I told them. I am in the process of demanding my 2 cancelled scanned Wills be destroyed. I will wait the 45 days then make a complaint to the OIC.


      1. Every day, I ask myself, why has this happened? Having spent the past two years solidly writing letters and demanding some answers to my questions I have practically given up. My latest request to get information through the Information Privacy Act has been rejected because apparently any investigation taken on by the Public Guardian is exempt from the this and the Right To Information Act. Who then are they accountable to? Their decisions are made on the balance of probabilities apparently. I cannot even get details about what my mother’s care plan actually is at Opal Caloundra or what medications she is on. In effect she is not my mother anymore. Australia in my opinion has not moved on from the Stolen Generation at all. Her home was sold to a well known investor in the area who has advertised it was sold for much more than he bought it for. Now it is rented out and I still cannot get the Public Trustee to tell me how their financial plan was better than mine. I still do not have any substantiation of all the allegations made about me and why the enduring power of attorney was removed. My appeal was not surprisingly dismissed by QCAT!!!! After waiting for over a year to have it heard, no matters of any importance was discussed at the Hearing with the conclusion being that my appeal was now irrelevant because QCAT had since made another decision between the time I applied and the time it was heard. And this is supposed to be a fair and just system! Then there is the pain of seeing my mother in that nursing home away from all family and friends and everything she once knew. The whole situation makes me extremely unhappy…


  26. We’ve found on innumerable occasions that the Public Trustee has an incestuous relationship with the kangaroo court which ALWAYS supports the Public Trustee despite the number of times the Public Trustee has been caught out lying, misappropriating money or stuffing up in any number of ways. Kangaroo court decisions are typically heavily biased in favour of the Public Trustee and attempts to remove a victim from the avaricious clutches of the Public Trustee are strenuously opposed. Relevant provisions of the Guardianship and Administration Act are totally ignored if such provisions threaten the obsession of the kangaroo court with pandering to the interests of the Public Trustee. Furthermore the Public Trustee enjoys immunity from investigation by the Legal Services Commission, the Information Commissioner, and the Crime and Corruption Commissioner. The issue is not so much one of how utterly corrupt is the Public Trustee but one of who or what stands to benefit ie where does the money extracted from victims go ? Given the number of victims, millions of dollars per annum is at stake. My personal view is that at some if not all non-judicial members of the kangaroo court and least a couple of members of the judiciary share in the con because that breed has always been protected by the establishment because the official line is that ‘the image of the judiciary is critical in order to maintain public respect for the the judiciary’. Even the ‘Not Now Not Ever’ report improperly attributed to drone of all drones Quentin Bryce identified the judiciary as a major contributor to domestic violence issues but again protection of the image has been shown to be more important than fixing the problem. That said, I don’t know how much the judiciary generally knows although its difficult to imagine they are unaware of the problem.


  27. I went to the PT today in Cairns to change my will ,the woman couldn’t find any of my details on her PC but said it must be all in Brisbane ,I had to sign another will,I asked her what would happen if I ended up in hospital as they have enduring power of attorney,she had no idea but thought I should contact Ozcare or bluecare ,will it cost me to change to a friendly Cairns solicitor as I have no kin ,I have a pulse rate of 30,


  28. If all else fails, download one of the free ones off the internet and get it witnessed by a JP or commissioner for declarations IMMEDIATELY. Even if you make big mistakes, the new one will be your ‘last’ will (last in this context meaning the latest one) and will override the Public Trustee one. Hopefully there is no likelihood of your being declared incompetent but if there is even the slightest risk, get a few doctors to give you a letter stating you are of sound mind and were at the time you completed the latest will. The office of the Public Trustee is unbelievably crooked and will do absolutely anything to keep you in its avaricious clutches and the utterly evil QCAT will always back the Public Trustee. Those bottom-feeding grubs routinely make decisions throwing out Wills and Powers of Attorney if there is the slightest hint of evidence to support the decision.. .


  29. Now this is interesting…A former public servant in the public trustees office has been charged with receiving a payment of $42,000 for ‘FAVOURABLE TREATMENT”

    Yet this is what happened in my mothers case

    My mothers property at Beaudesert.
    28th February, 2013, the public trustee paid Removal costs of $594 to Robbie Auld removals
    28th February, 2013 the public trustee was paid by Pacific Auctions$181.40, $331.81. $89.73, and $16.75 TOTAL $619.69
    Net proceeds $25.69
    4th February, 2013. Fee payable to the public trustee for House clearance $193.50
    TOTAL LOSS $167.81

    There was a reputable second hand/antique shop about 100 meters down the road, who would have been happy to clear the property and not charge and pay for the items, yet the public trustee used Pacific Auction in Brisbane.

    And the MOWER MAN… came from Brisbane and charged more than the local man that I had been using to mow the lawn. $88 the Public trustee fellow against $60 local man.

    this is favourable treatment……but to who


  30. What more could be expected from the most inept mob of moronic thugs that have ever walked the planet. Employees of the PublicTrustee constantly scour the Criminal Code for example of offences they have not yet committed. After all there is no point being a criminal if one hasn’t covered the whole gamut of corruption. When its all said and done, these bottom-feeders have influential friends in the quasi-judiciary and others in the legislature so they are to all intents and purposes immune to any investigation. If there is a lower lifeform on this planet than Public Trustee operatives then its yet to be discovered.


  31. The Public Trustee has an incestuous relationship with QCAT, actually the PT is top dog of the triune beast. Whilst the most recent Will is supposedly the active ‘last Will and Testament’, QCAT invariably panders to every wish of the PT and has no objection to cancelling a later Will or an EPOA when doing so is in the interest of the PT, ie when the PT holds an earlier Will. Much the same situation exists in all states and territories. Its all about the love of money … anything held ‘in trust’ is considered the property of the PT and that criminal organization will do everything in its power to prevent a victim reclaiming their life or their assets. Unfortunately the sheeple don’t have any idea whats going on until its too late and the media is absolutely terrified of the triune beast. Both major political parties are on the take so there isn’t a political solution.


  32. Mr. Peter Carne,
    Public Trustee
    Office of the Public Trustee
    G.P.O.Box 1449 Brisbane. 4001

    Dear Peter,
    Re: Carl Ross Taylor
    I refer to correspondence from Tony Steinmetz dated 2nd June, 2016.
    I am well aware of the supreme court proceedings, the decision and the reasons for the decisions made aa a result.
    I would however like to draw your attention to:
    1. Brian Laver assumed power of attorney for Mr. Taylor in 2003. He arranged the finances.
    2. Will Marcus never had ownership of any part of the building in Horan Street, West End, known as Ahimsa house.
    3. The loan negotiated through Barry Sims with Challenger was based on false figures supplied by Brian Laver, purporting to be power of attorney.
    4. Correspondence from Will Marcus dated 16th July, 2008 admitted to receiving funds of $168.032 which he was not entitled to receive. Action could have been taken to recover these monies.
    5. Work claimed to have been done by Marcus was never done, therefore there were no monies owing to him.
    6. The public trustee became administrator for Mr. Taylor in 2009.
    7. The debts shown in the public trustees figures are monies owing to Mr. Taylor NOT owed by him.
    8. Leases on the property at West End could have been put in place were not.
    9. An offer to buy the building to avoid negative action b y Challenger was never considered.
    10. A report by James O’Regan commissioned by the trustee, in relation to the property at 433 Mains Road, Sunnybank. This report appears to not presented in court.
    11. The public trustee sought leave from the court to not expend monies to recover monies owing to Mr. Taylor
    12. Mr. Taylor was not represented in these proceedings. Solicitors were/are acting for their client, the public trustee, NOT Mr. Taylor. Refer Youtube video”Ross and friends meet the public trustee”

    13. The decision made by Judge Martin in 2012 would indicate that action could be taken but on evidence submitted by the public trustee officers, it should not be taken.
    14. The file was then sealed to cover up the actions of the trustee.

    Furthermore, as evidenced in the court document, Mr. Taylor wished to reside in the matrimonial home at 433 Mains Road, MacGregor. He also wished to establish a community centre at West End. Both of these wishes have been denied by the public trustee because of false and mis-leading information to the courts and QCAT. Mr. Taylor is now contained in a high care dementia facility due to the injustices as stated above and false reports again commissioned by the trustee and the guardians.

    Why Peter, did the public trustee indicate to the general public that you “resigned” in 2014, a day after submissions to the Crime and Corruption commission? Why Peter, was no one appointed to the position of public trustee? Why was Mark Crofton only ever “ ACTING” as public trustee. How is it that you are again public trustee?
    How is it then, that the public trustee was able to get action through the corruption commission for an ex staff member for only $42.000 when the trustee has not acted for Mr. Taylor’s best interest for millions of dollars.
    Mr. Taylor is only one of thousands of clients of the public trustee.
    Peter, this is just one instance of the above of power at the office of the public trustee.

    God bless you

    Rosslyn Mirciov


  33. Wow staff at PT really do have no souls…… It’s been educating and horrifying to say the least reading this forum. So sad for so many. I’d love to stick barb wire up their backsides because they’re no better than those sociopaths who rape and murder the innocent and move on without a moment of regret for their unconscionable conduct. He who has deeper pockets (and allies in those that make legislation etc) seems to always win. My mum is dying of Mesothelioma and James Hardy won’t come to the table and accept negligence on their part so she is now at 57 broke, dying and no compensation in sight as they know she’s going to die and can’t afford, or muster the strength/health to fight them. Thanks for sharing on this page people it’s been insightful. 🙂


    1. There is a trick to deploying the barbed wire solution effectively. It needs to be first inserted into a flexible plastic tube. When the tube is in the desired position, the tube only is withdrawn leaving the barbed wire behind. Not only is it far easier that way to get the barbed wire inserted, it is well nigh impossible to remove it. This means that the recipient doesn’t get to forget your kind bequest.


    2. I really identify with you and your situation because it is also mine and I just wish this whole injust system could have a Royal Commission to expose it for what it is.


      1. The subject of a Royal Commission has been investigated several times, and there is always a chance that one would let a few cats out of the bag. There is however a major obstacle in that a Royal Commission requires the Prime Minister to request one be implemented by the Governor General. Given that both the LNP and the ALP profit handsomely from the guardianship racket, it will be extremely difficult to pull the strings of either Turnbull or Shorten. The Greens did a senate review some months ago and concluded that the problems are far too complex for the senate to deal with but I can’t see the Greens using any resources they might have on Turnbull when there are matters much closer to their ideology (ie facilitating queer marriages and islamic invasion). Remember also that a Royal Commission involves terms of reference and there is no way Turnbull or Shorten would want the highly profitable kangaroo courts / Adult Guardians / Public Trustees harmed.

        My view, for whatever it is worth, is that Australia is far too corrupt for any permanent solution to the guardianship racket to originate here. There are now thousands of victims collaborating but progress is unbearably slow. I understand that a third precedent is likely to be created in early 2017, and that ‘should’ spell the beginning of the end of a certain kangaroo court witch, but judging from what has happened in other states, any improvement will be short lived.

        One Nation is likely to gain a controlling interest in Queensland politics after the next election which will almost certainly be in the first half of 2017 but it remains to be seen if the very powerful entrenched interests can be over-ruled. The party has promised to give guardianship a high priority in its state platform, whether that translated into action remains to be seen.

        There are a number of other remedies being explored although I won’t go into details on an open forum that is probably monitored by certain grubs. A number of advocates meet regularly in Brisbane and you might care to contact one of the parties whose phone numbers are mentioned in earlier posts. Any of these will point you in the direction of advocates in your area.


      2. Ah yes, the triune beast continues to destroy lives. Make no mistake, those who deliberately ruin the lives of their victims will have their come-uppance. As the saying goes, ‘the bigger they are ……..’ and there are a lot of very big beasts in this particular swamp. A few of us specialize in poking evil beasts and when practiced regularly, beasts tend to get aggro and aggro beasts make mistakes. There is a growing catalog of these mistakes which provide a few avenues for attack.


  34. @paulikne …………. I came to the conclusion some time ago that the reason why victims of the guardianship racket (and for that matter every other official racket) experience so much difficulty getting anywhere is that they are looking for results in the wrong places. Fact is that concepts indoctrinated into us during our education eg democracy, representation, justice, separation of powers etc are blatant lies invented purely to deceive the sheeple into believing they are relevant. Mind you, the sheeple don’t like inconvenient truths, like government = organized crime, especially when there are plenty of mind-numbing distractions like footbrawl, thugby and so-called ‘reality TV’. Not that there is anything new in officially organized distractions, those who differ should read up on the Roman Games and the reason therefor. Then there is the kangaroo court and cohorts, better described as the triune beast (thanks John Tracey). One only needs to read the QCAT Act 2009 to be aware this criminal organization was fully intended to be corrupt and the same goes for the Office of the Public Trustee and Office of the Adult Guardian. Actually its a wonder that nobody has referred to the Ombudsman and the Crime Cover-Up Commission recently, dare I hope that the sheeple have realized these entities are even more farcical than the myths of democracy, representation and justice. What is really needed to sort out the most corrupt country on planet earth is a proper ‘blood in the streets’ revolution.


  35. Ja det funkar nog nästan lika bra, i alla fall om man ska tro PW:S hemsida. Vissa stgreninÃsprobl¶m verkar dock förekomma med EX 580 II och EX 430 som jag har. EX 430 II rekommenderar de istället dÃ¥ den är mer avskärmad. Du fÃ¥r handla och prova Personligen föredrar jag sladd, billigare och helsäkert, har skaffat en 10 meters nu ocksÃ¥.


  36. Segun mi criterio, deberiamos hacer-nos cargo de lo siguiente : el imovilismo de los que mandan sean gobiernos y corporaciones, esta gente – tan influente no va hacer nada porque no quiere, no puede o no sabe…A donde nos lleva eso ? Mejor lo asumimos para que como minimo no nos pille de sorpresa : es duro pero hoy hay que asumir el colapso como poI2eilidad&#8i30;.snterbsante. Te gusta? 4  0


  37. Hallo Andy, ich hoffe, dass ich deine Frage richtig verstehe. Wenn du den Gutschein einlöst, bekommst du eine Membercard. Wenn du dich danach zu einer Mitgliedschaft entschließt, hast du deine Membercard schon und die Gebühr dafür entfällt.


  38. This committee is still going, we are still fighting the abusive, and criminal actions of the public trustee of Queensland. and their associates.
    An affidavit was submitted to the supreme court on Friday 9th March 2018. showing the lies, fraud, collusion of the public trustee.
    Supreme court hearings posted on site have had their transcripts changed to omit the judges comments that QCAT are biased and “quality of decision making in QCAT was deplorable.”
    There have been two reviews of QCAT, neither completed or released to the public who pay their wages.


    1. I wish I could give you my full story from beginning to end. Two years ago my mother was taken over by the Office of the Public Guardian and the Public Trustee. Sadly,my mother passed away a month ago, having been placed in a nursing home that was too far for me to regularly visit her..Throughout this time I fought and battled against the actions of these two Responsible Authorities to no avail. My appeal against the original QCAT decision took over one year to even be heard, by which time another decision was made so the appeal was dismissed as being of no public interest and no longer relevant.Countless requests for internal reviews were dismissed and even letters to the Ombudsman achieved nothing. The whole situation rendered me powerless and I had no say in what happened to my own mother.Yet,just a couple of hours before she passed away I was suddenly rung up by a replacement Guardian,(the acting guardian was on leave) asking for my opinion regarding her end of life treatment.This was after they had already made a decision, so why did they bother to ring?.. Never before had they even once contacted me for my opinion about anything to do with my mother. While my mother was fighting for her life in the hospital, the Guardian could not be contacted after hours so the medical staff could not carry out treatment as they wanted. What an appalling and shameful system.No one can apparently interfere in decisions made by QCAT.That is what I have been told by everyone I wrote to or contacted, and believe, me,I tried to appeal to many many people.Well they got her, money, sold her house at rock bottom price, disposed of many of her personal items and practically isolated her from everyone and everything she knew.Yet, in this story I apparently was the elder abuser????


      1. I wrote some comments back on March 17, 2018. Since then I have been following what has been going with the Royal Commission into Aged Care and I even submitted countless of documents consisting of letters and supporting photos which I had written to the Ombudsman, Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, QCAT, Office of the Public Guardian, Public Trustee, various politicians including the Qld Premier and Prime Minister of Australia, etc. There is just one small mention of the system of Guardianship for those with dementia in the Interim Reports. There is nothing to address what people commented on this site about the broken system that lurks behind what happens at the forefront in nursing homes. Nothing about the Public Trustee taking over peoples lives and finances and leaving them destitute and with broken families. Nothing to address how easy it is for the Office of the Public Guardian in partnership with QCAT to take Enduring Power of Attorneys off those genuinely nominated, insisting that these people are taking money off their parents and causing elder abuse.I have been in disbelief about this and the fact that this aspect of Aged Care is not one of the terms of Reference for the Royal Commission. Therefore unless more people who have been affected write and put in their say, I doubt much will change, which is very disappointing. I still think about what happened every day and am trying to mend all the broken pieces of my life.


  39. The occasional victim defeats the guardianship racket and regains total control of their life, however only one in about three thousand is willing to do what it takes. There are no shortcuts, beating the best organized legal scam on planet earth is not something for amateurs. I can assure you that achieving victory is a thousand times more difficult than you could ever imagine ….. but it is possible. Over the years, I’ve received many hundreds of approaches from victims wanting to know what we did to achieve victory, and after being told, every single one responded ‘I’m looking for a simpler and more straightforward solution’. (there isn’t one) Needless to say, all those folk are still in the clutches of the kangaroo tribunal, PTQ and OPG. I do not propose to go into details here as I won’t give the scum a heads-up, but there are a number of things that most definitely DO NOT work, like approaching this or that politician, approaching the media, and taking on the kangaroo tribunal without appropriate support. On that note, there is no such thing as a barrister / QC who does pro-bono in the kangaroo tribunal. If you haven’t already sought out and spoken to the precious few winners already, why not ? Surely the first place to turn for would-be victors is those who have been there done that.


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