Committee to expose Queensland Public Trustee

If you have had dealings with the Queensland Public Trustee which you believe were not for the best interest of their client, take look at this site. You are not alone.  The trustee have taken advantage of the vulnerable, seeking their own agenda.  Their clients have been denied legal representation, independent medical and financial reports. justice and basic human rights

10 thoughts on “Committee to expose Queensland Public Trustee

  1. we are going through it at the moment eith my mother laws estate it is s nightmare theysre rude and dont give a dam about grieving family members it is disgusying

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      1. Loving your Glasto out!!tif! Glad you got though yesterday ok as I know how hard it is to lose a close family member and pick yourself up and go on as they would want you to do x


    1. What are U to EXPECT?….pure bullshit….U’ll enter the sociopathic merry-go-round & circus. U’ll enter with FAITH…expecting reason & TRUTH will prevail…yet, U’ll notice U’ll never be offered a face-to-face meeting or if U do…it will be BS…the smiles of a sociopath…yet saying something else behind ur back. BE WARY…they are information gathers to create their OWN case…they couldn’t care a STUFF what U’d hope to eventuate. Ur now just a TARGET for their financial WIN…read up on sociopaths (NO feeling at all)…estimated 4% of population…¾ male…& the govt hires HEAPS of them. Good luck!

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    1. Esp draw attention to the part of WHO is the CLIENT? p12…& clause 1.1.3…seems the decision-making impaired person has NO legal representation…apparently, the non-medical govt staff BOSSES rule…even if the lawyer sees something unethical. SO that would mean anything a govt lawyer threatens U with (as an outsider yet fully involved)…is subjective (NOT objective) & SO…NOT fact.


      1. As a SNEEKY CONNIVING business…I’ll let them pass (even tho we SHOULD expect our GOVTs to be examples of FAIR trading & play)…BUT I WILL FIGHT to have the NAME: Public TRUST & Public GUARDIAN revoked – as that IS FALSE advertising to the MAX!!!

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      2. Who is the Client?
        Does a government lawyer have a client, or just a boss?
        “Sometimes I feel like a glorified secretary to my boss, who is the head of our agency. I’m the only government lawyer in the agency and my primary responsibility is to provide legal advice in relation to applications for decision by my boss. It’s hard
        to keep up with this work because of his requests for other services (such as preparing speeches for him to deliver). Is my first responsibility to my boss, the agency, the applicants, the department or the government? What should I do if my
        primary responsibilities are suffering because my workload is too great? Can I
        decline to perform services requested by my boss?” See 1.4 and 2 below


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