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  1. I notice Carers Queensland has posted a video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a64vZyy1KpM extolling the virtues of the Public Trustee. Advice provided by a senior figure in Carers Queensland was that the organization was paid to upload the video in question. This leaves no doubt whatever that Carers Queensland is in reality a front for the Public Trustee. Personally I consider this utterly despicable, Carers Queensland was hitherto believed to be all about supporting Carers whereas its now blatantly obvious that its part of the evil QCAT , Public Guardian, Public Guardian cabal which rips off those least able to defend themselves.

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    1. I noticed this video too and words cannot begin to express my disgust. Carers Queensland has been trusted by many carers in the past including myself but never again. I will warn everyone I encounter to avoid Carers Queensland due to their demonstrated willingness to accept a bribe. Hopefully everyone who stumbles across this site will help spread the word that any contact with Carers Queensland is potentially communicated to Mark Crofton or one of his avaricious minions.

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  2. PUBLIC TRUSTEE – problems all over Australia! This is how they administered my mum’s estate:

    • When I asked them to change the locks on mum’s house due to my sister’s looting the estate, they did so and locked ME out. Allowing my sister to keep on looting

    • They were happy for my sister having taken mum’s expensive TV, without my permission. Yet they insisted on my giving them less money I collected for selling some of her things, with their permission.

    • They took away whatever was left in the three bedrooms, fully furnished house and valuable garage and gardening tools. Inspite of repeated requests by me, I was never informed of where her things went. They did, however, present the estate with a bill of $300 for the LOSSES that this action incurred

    • Even though there were developers willing to pay $1mil for her property at the time of her death, the Public Trustee refused to release it for sale for 8 months

    • Being the public servants that they are, they happily paid huge water rates on an unoccupied property having a burst pipe. Disconnecting the water obviously never occurred to anyone. Neither did keeping the garden net and tidy, again inspite of my repeated requests

    • Some time before mum’s death, I bought a car to be able to drive her and her dog to shopping and various doctors. To save paying yearly registration, mum suggested I keep the car in her name. When this came to the attention to the Public Trustee, they offered me to BUY MY car that I already bought with my own money from her estate for $3000! As it wasn’t worth it for me, I was required to surrender it for them to sell. Some of my friends offered to pay $1500 for it. The Public Trustee didn’t agree and sold it for $700!

    • They left the best for last, i.e. mum’s house that I helped her to buy, take care of and grow in value. Aside for providing a beautiful home for her that I took care of on weekly basis while my sister was always “too busy”, building her own career and assets. Allowing themselves to be heavily manipulated by my sister and family, the Public Trustee finally put up the house for sale after 8 months when its value dropped by almost half. Observing this behavior, I was advised to try and buy it from the Public Trustee, if I was to get anything from the estate

    • The Public Trustee organised an auction at long last and consistently refused to let me know the reserve price. I organised a loan and a friend to do the bidding on my behalf because I didn’t want to bid amongst the vultures that had gathered at the house for the kill. As soon as the auction started, it became obvious that games were being played and the Public Trustee had no intention of selling the property. Unfortunately for them, my sister and family, I and another person were determined to get it and fought it out amongst ourselves. I was the first one to reach the reserve price, set at $100K above the then market value! To everyone’s consternation, I ended up with the property and took on a huge financial burden for the next 7 years until I sold it

    • With this purchase, karma immediately set into action for everyone involved. In their blind greed and fight for the estate, I, my sister and other family members were required to present claims and financial situation to the Family Court. The presiding judge was no fool and saw matters exactly for what they were. Because of that and due to the dire financial situation that my family and the Public Trustee thrust me into, he awarded ME most of the estate. Family members received token amounts that were nowhere near what I offered them at the time of mum’s death. My sister received some amount, simply for being mum’s daughter. Never contributing anything to mum’s estate or supporting either parents or me in any way.

    My mum’s decision cost us $80, 0000 in legal costs. It completely destroyed our family that both my sister and I exited at the completion of the court case. All mum’s friends that had their wills with the Public Trustee changed them after witnessing their actions. 10 years later, I’m now starting to recover from this experience and would NEVER recommend anyone leaving their will with the State/Public Trustee. Here’s some advice that will hopefully help you to avoid similar experiences:

    • TALK to your family, friends and above all a solicitor handling estates about the State/Public Trustee

    • SEARCH the internet for other complaints about this organisation

    • BELIEVE all that you’ll hear/read

    • DON’T get sucked in by the promise of a free will, it will cost your family dearly. DO ask for EXACT costs of all of their services. You’ll soon see that they are much higher than elsewhere

    • DO remember that these people are PUBLIC SERVANTS and that your beneficiaries won’t be able to get help anywhere, should they encounter problems with the Public Trustee. Do you really want them to go through what our family went through?

    • If you are ever unfortunate to have any dealings with the Public Trustee, DO start selling or taking whatever you can out of the estate BEFORE they take possession of it. They’ll take their time in doing so, best to sell/divide whatever you can before they take over. Unless specified in the will, be prepared to be offered PURCHASING items from the estate, at inflated prices

    • If you are already having problems with this organisation, contact your local MP for help. Keep up the pressure on Attorney General in your state. The media is another option. Write to international human rights organisations. Write to the Queen to request a Royal Commission

    Most of all, save yourself and your family soul destroying problems and STAY AWAY from the Public Trustee. DO make a precise will through a solicitor and a trusted public servant such as your doctor, etc. Best to leave all family members out of the execution of your estate and let them enjoy their inheritance.


  3. Never a truer word spoken. Mind you I don’t have a lot of confidence in politicians generally. That said, the new Attorney General (or rather her advisor Vivien), has made a few encouraging moves. I can state from personal experience that approaching Queen Lizzie is a total waste of time, even if that oxygen bandit wanted to do anything useful, she doesn’t have any influence on Australian politics and hasn’t had for many years..


  4. I do agree that Attorney Generals won’t be too happy to help but keep them on their toes by constantly requesting them to do so. At least these requests will be documented, even though the Department may “lose” them as they conveniently do. There must be someone to write to about a Royal Commission


  5. A few of us have been writing to the new Attorney General who appears somewhat more switched on than her utterly useless predecessor. I hope to visit Rosslyn tomorrow or Friday to talk about what we’ve achieved over the past few weeks & follow up on some leads. There is also a very knowledgeable person in Port Douglas, suggest it would be well worth your time to get in touch. If you don’t have contact details let Rosslyn know and we’ll pull the necessary strings.


    1. Hi Mike, I’m an advocate in QLD and am preparing a submission. If you would like to share your story, please feel free to reach out. I can also refer to other services if you are in need of support. Kind regards


    2. Hi Mike, I’m an advocate in QLD and am preparing a submission. If you would like to share your story, please feel free to reach out. I can also refer to other services if you are in need of support. Kind regards


  6. How have people delt with the public trustee if they have been on a qcat order? it’s been 4 years now and iam wounding if anyone has heard of anyone being approved from qcat to come of public trustee.


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  8. Please consider two improvements to this site:

    Firstly, https://exposethepublictrustee.wordpress.com/ should have a link pointing here and vice versa.

    Secondly, it may be better to display the comments in the industry-standard _reverse_ chronological order. Currently the casual visitor may assume that is already the case and exit the site as soon as they see the date on the first story (wrongly presuming the site is abandoned).

    This is especially important now in light of the potential extra traffic you may be getting as the result of your good work recently getting media attention and the interest the Public Advocate’s report has generated.


  9. Hi, I’m just a citizen who is interested in this story about to aired on ABC’s Four Corner’s tonight. The Courier Mail newspaper’s article is paywalled so I can’t read the article. Can anyone start their own website about this issue? And do you have a Twitter account?


  10. I’m an advocate in QLD preparing a submission regarding the public trustee. If anyone would like to share there experience (deidentified) please let me know and I will send you my contact details.


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