you-cannot-trust-the-public-trusteeWelcome to the Queensland Public Trustee Exposed blog.

People are welcome to tell their own stories so that we may learn about  what has gone wrong with the Public Trust and how to fix it.

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  1. There needs to be a way to create new threads. Its probably somewhere in WordPress settings but has apparently been inadvertently disabled.Whilst the ‘Ross’ one certainly needs to be aired there are a lot more different stories that need to be told as well.

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    1. Anyone who claims they can help U create a Will (for free), then after U die…makes themselves Power of Attorney…& takes over total control of an Estate has to be questioned. NO lawyer has legal right to do that or else there’s NO point to making Wills, at all.

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      1. The PTQ scum are laws unto themselves and unaccountable to any power in Australia. Fraud, embezzlement and extortion are all in a days work. No politician, watchdog or judge would dare look sideways at the PTQ. Don’t even think about complaining to the OPG or the kangaroo tribunal, both of which are in the pay of the PTQ. Even the tame LNP ex federal treasurer Costello stated that PTQ financial systems are so badly borked that prudent financial management is impossible. PTQ legal staff are immune from investigation by the legal services commission and no other watchdog wants to know about PTQ-initiated crime. Mind you with friends in the kangaroo tribunal there is no possibility of embarrassing questions being taken seriously. Any private sector financial organization as inept as the PTQ would be out of business within minutes.

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  2. I saw a website some 18 months ago that had thousands of complaints, EG ripping off people and incompetent lawyers (interns) incompetent office staff as they are not on the job long enough to develop experience. The list goes on. However, I cannot seem to find the site again. I did save the link somewhere but where that somewhere is…I am still looking.

    Anyway…..What ever you do…..DONT do business with the Public Trustee. They will eventually get most or all of your money.

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    1. Anything damning would have been taken down on order by the kangaroo court. Mind you I don’t know that the PT lawyers are so much incompetent as totally devoted to whoever and whatever are their masters. In my opinion, the extreme protection the Public Trustee and its minions / associates enjoy is proof is that at least some untouchables are involved and that probably entails at least a few members of the judiciary. For example, does anyone wonder why a certain f***wit with decidedly questionable history is currently warming a seat in the kangaroo court, and why the incumbent premier and AG effectively approved the transfer when the mentally deprived ex minister who created the problem really should have been put through the wringer, as was promised shortly after the last state election. Whilst that means it will be extremely difficult to publish anything that exposes the perpetuators (as we’ve discovered), overcoming that hurdle will be infinitely more explosive than the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

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  3. gday everyone, Im Paul Brown, I have an update received today for my application to the CCC. Crimes Corruption Commission.

    But I can’t seem to post it

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    1. Give the CCC a try if you wish however their own official statistics show the clowns accept about 1.6% of complaints forwarded to them. Obviously the odds of accepting any given complaint aren’t wonderful.


      1. Dear Mr Brown
        Thank you for your Online Complaint Form received by the Crime and Corruption
        Commission (CCC) on 10 January 2017 in which you raised concerns about the conduct
        of a Public Trustee officer, a Tribunal Member and your dissatisfaction with the
        Guardianship and Administration Act 2000, amongst other things.
        Under the Crime and Corruption Act 2001, the Crime and Corruption Commission’s
        (CCC) role is to ensure that complaints involving suspected ‘corrupt conduct’ in
        Queensland units of public administration are dealt with appropriately.
        Attached, for your information, are relevant excerpts from the Act that define the term
        ‘corrupt conduct’ and outline the role of the CCC.
        Though we appreciate that this matter may be of concern to you, because the conduct
        you have described could not constitute ‘corrupt conduct’, as defined in the Crime and
        Corruption Act 2001, the CCC is unable to assist you.
        However, we suggest YOU seek independent legal advice to consider whether or not your
        concerns should be brought to the attention of the Office of the Public Guardian, The
        Public Trustee of Queensland and/or The Queensland Civil and Administrative
        Tribunal, who may be best placed to deal with the issues you have raised.
        Please note that the three departments mentioned above have a statutory obligation to
        notify the CCC of any suspected corrupt conduct.
        Yours faithfully


      2. Attachment 1

        (1) Corrupt conduct means conduct of a person, regardless of whether the person holds or held an appointment, that –

        (a) adversely affects, or could adversely affect, directly or indirectly, the performance of functions of the exercise of powers of –
        (i) a unit of public administration; or
        (ii) a person holding an appointment; and

        (b) results, or could result, directly or indirectly, in the performance of functions or the exercise of powers mentioned in paragraph (a) in a way that –
        (i) is not honest or is not impartial; or
        (ii) involves a breach of the trust placed in a person holding an appointment, either knowingly or recklessly; or
        (iii) involves a misuse of information or material acquired in or in connection with the performance of functions or the exercise of powers of a person holding an appointment; and
        (c) is engaged in for the purpose of providing a benefit to the person or another person or causing a detriment to another person; and
        (d) would, if proved, be –
        (i) a criminal offence; or
        (ii) a disciplinary breach providing reasonable grounds for terminating the person’s services, if the person is or were the holder of an appointment.

        (2) Without limiting subsection (1), conduct that involves any of the following could be corrupt under subsection (1) –
        (a) abuse of public office;
        (b) bribery, including bribery relating to an election;
        (c) extortion;
        (d) obtaining or offering a secret commission;
        (e) fraud;
        (f) stealing;
        (g) forgery;
        (h) perverting the course of justice;
        (i) an offence relating to an electoral donation;
        (j) loss of revenue of the State;
        (k) sedition;
        (l) homicide, serious assault or assault occasioning bodily harm or grievous bodily harm;
        (m) obtaining a financial benefit from procuring prostitution or from unlawful prostitution engaged in by another person;
        (n) illegal drug trafficking;
        (o) illegal gambling.

        Conduct includes –
        (a) neglect, failure and inaction; and
        (b) conspiracy to engage in conduct; and
        (c) attempt to engage in conduct.

        (Sections 14 and 15, Crime and Corruption Act 2001)


      3. been there mate… It doesnt show but I had highlighted everything BUT 3-4 lines on their “Interpretation” of corruption..



  4. Well, here’s a lil info that many ppl aren’t aware…esp if the other beneficiary of the Will has serious ABI (acquired brain injury) from the 60s & has NO idea of money in any able capacity & is ur sibling…where my father was CONNED into believing by QPT…making me Advisory Trustee to the Will…had my father FULLY believe…I would have SAY over where my brother’s finances were to be spent or needed, as long as I was alive. It meant I couldn’t spend his money without some re-assurance it would benefit him & NO partner I may have met could get hold of it…& I (& my father) thought that would be fine. My father boasted about it to me ALL the time & claimed we would be SAFE.
    How FAR from the truth that was…it was the 2nd strongest sentence in the Will, after making PT the Executor…the ppl made just to execute his WISHES…I was coldly told by PT…it meant NOTHING! In fact, I found out much later….there is a whole horrible clause in the Public Trustee Act to describe how an Advisory Trustee means NOTHING & has NO power whatsoever! My father semi-illiterate…died in 1999, before internet – before I could check details for him. But, it has U wonder why they even mentioned the idea of an Advisory Trustee to him, KNOWING he had a disability son…where my father felt very secure about that idea…& so did I.
    Public TRUST…there’s NO TRUST here…they are sociopaths….kindly coming in & smiling…super friendly…before excuting a KILL as predators DO!

    Public Trustee Act 1978 – SECT 41
    41 Advisory trustees 41 Advisory trustees

    (1) In the administration as trustee of any estate under administration the public trustee may act with an advisory trustee or advisory trustees as herein provided.

    (2) An advisory trustee or advisory trustees may be appointed—

    (a) by order of the court made on the application of any beneficiary or of any person on whose application the court would have power to appoint a new trustee; or

    (b) by the trust instrument; or

    (c) by any person having power to appoint new trustees.

    (3) Where the public trustee acts with an advisory trustee, the trust property shall be vested in the public trustee and the public trustee shall have the sole management and administration thereof as fully and effectually as if the public trustee were the sole trustee.

    (3A) However—

    (a) the public trustee may consult the advisory trustee on any matter relating to the estate under administration; and

    (b) the advisory trustee may advise the public trustee on any matter relating to the estate under administration.

    (4) In cases of difference between the public trustee and an advisory trustee, either the public trustee or the advisory trustee may apply to the court for directions and the directions shall be final, and shall bind both the public trustee and the advisory trustee.

    (5) No person dealing with the public trustee shall be concerned to inquire as to the concurrence or otherwise of the advisory trustee or be affected by notice of the fact that any advisory trustee has not concurred.

    (6) The power of appointing a new advisory trustee when exercisable by the continuing advisory trustee shall be exercised by the public trustee alone, but the public trustee shall have the same power of applying to the court for the appointment of a new advisory trustee as is possessed by any other person.

    (7) In determining the number of trustees for the purposes of the Trusts Act 1973, an advisory trustee shall not be reckoned as a trustee.

    (8) A regulation may provide, subject to any provisions of the trust instrument, for the remuneration of advisory trustees out of the estate under administration; but notwithstanding any provisions of the trust instrument or of a regulation, the court may in a particular case make such order as it thinks just, as to what (if any) remuneration any advisory trustee shall receive.


  5. SUBSCRIBE0 items in Shortlist
    Western Australia

    Public trustee thief ‘cynically and callously’ exploited victims, prosecutors say
    By Alexandra BackUpdated15 March 2018 — 9:07pmfirst published at 1:41pm
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    The wife of a former Canberra public servant struggled to make ends meet at home even as her husband stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens, a court heard on Thursday.
    Timothy Stewart McLeod, 36, was a gambler and a drinker, the court heard. He had “frittered away” the money, while hiding it from his wife.
    Prosecutors say McLeod was the “architect” behind a scheme in which $1.1 million was stolen in five years from ACT Public Trustee clients.
    But the scheme eventually unravelled while he was on holiday in America, and a colleague at trustee’s office uncovered irregularities in McLeod’s client’s accounts.
    McLeod, a trust officer, would arrange for his tradesmen friends Joshua Leighton and Stephen Evans – who were approved trustee contractors – to perform work for the trustee’s clients. He would then pay the tradesmen from the client’s accounts. But the work was never done, and the money was split with him once it had been transferred into the contractor’s account.
    He would also buy televisions for nursing homes which already had them, and bought a MacBook laptop for an elderly client with dementia.
    The amount McLeod took for himself was somewhere between $500,000 and $700,000, the court heard. He has pleaded guilty to four counts of theft.
    At times choking back tears, his wife told the ACT Supreme Court that she started to notice in 2012 how money was tight for the couple, and that McLeod could no longer contribute to the mortgage. She started to notice his drinking, and that he spent most nights away from the family home.
    “I felt it was harder to contain … or not have a normal evening with friends without feeling like I had to interfere,” she said, “trying to create boundaries to reign his drinking in.”
    She said they rarely spoke about what happened, but McLeod had since told her that he was “torn apart” by the events, and “that he’s sorry for everything.”
    The couple now live with their two children in a small rural NSW town where they hold the licence for the local pub. She said she was forced to borrow money from her parents and that they made enough to cover the bills but not much more.
    She told the court she knew her husband was going to jail and that she would continue to support him.
    Prosecutor Anthony Williamson told the court that McLeod had “cynically and callously” exploited the inability of the trustee’s clients to realise his crimes. He said that made the offences more serious, and he called for a sentence that firmly denounced his behaviour.
    “It is bad enough to betray any employer’s trust and use one’s position to dishonestly appropriate money,” Mr Williamson said, “But where the offending involves the appropriation of money being held on trust for some of society’s most vulnerable members, i.e. the infirm, chronically ill and mentally impaired, the offending can be fairly described at particularly egregious.”
    McLeod’s barrister Jack Pappas said that although prosecutors had called the man the architect of the plot, he pointed to the other offenders and said without receivers there would be no thieves. He said the man had facilitated justice by pleading guilty to the crimes and avoiding a lengthy trial.
    Mr Pappas said the motivation behind the man’s crimes was more complex than simply greed, and pointed to his addictive drives and desire to earn the respect of his colleagues and his wife.
    The man’s alcohol problem was extremely severe, the barrister said. He asked the judge to defer the sentence while McLeod, who also had diabetes, underwent a medically supervised detox at hospital before going into custody.
    Justice John Burns agreed, and said he would deliver McLeod’s sentence later this month.
    McLeod is the last of four men to be sentenced for the theft. Evans and Leighton are currently serving time in prison, while Donald Savanahu avoided time behind bars.
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    1. Nice one On 17 Mar 2018 13:46, “queensland public trustee exposed” wrote:

      > Rosslyn commented: “SUBSCRIBE0 items in Shortlist Victoria Queensland ACT > Western Australia NATIONALACT Public trustee thief ‘cynically and > callously’ exploited victims, prosecutors say By Alexandra BackUpdated15 > March 2018 — 9:07pmfirst published at 1:41pm Sha” >


  6. This committee is still going, we are still fighting the abusive, and criminal actions of the public trustee of Queensland. and their associates.
    An affidavit was submitted to the supreme court on Friday 9th March 2018. showing the lies, fraud, collusion of the public trustee.
    Supreme court hearings posted on site have had their transcripts changed to omit the judges comments that QCAT are biased and “quality of decision making in QCAT was deplorable.”
    There have been two reviews of QCAT, neither completed or released to the public who pay their wages.

    View Comment Trash | M


  7. Oh thank goodness i found this site! I have just come off the phone from a Qld Public Trustee employee who is looking after my 87yrs old mother with Parkinsons,Demention,Illusions and Delusions and I have been treated in the most dictarorial, arrogant way with a complete disregard of the importance of the fact I have known my mum for 67years and have more understanding of her needs and wishes. Made to feel totally irrelevant and unlike their website advertises, not made inclusive. I shudder what is ahead!


    1. Hi Glenda you are not alone , you are dealing with filthy parasites that think they are above the law , because they have been allowed to get away with it , although I don’t know your story I assume PT have managed to worm their way in and take over your mothers affairs?.,things gave to change soon, and it will only happen if everyone stands up together.


  8. I went to prison in 2007 for weed got parole in 2010.
    Had a 4 1/2 year parole. Couldn’t get a job because of prison.
    Went on the doll. The public trustee took my dole payments for eight months after numerous visits of going off my head. They finally gave me half of the money the other half went in fees to look after the money. Done the crime did the time. But apparently this is legal. The public trustee is like a prison they are barricaded in because so many people want to smash their faces in because they rip people off.


  9. Also while I was in prison I met another fellow who was having dramas with the public trustee. He said he was left a house. When he went to prison they sold his house. Charged him a monthly fee to look after his money. I seen one of the bills it was $600+. Apparently what we didn’t know is we can pay the judge and the police and get a less sentence. This sort of thing makes my weird sentence look pathetic. Who are the real criminals


  10. Hi all. My understanding of the Pt is they still operate under the OLD rules set down for them in the seventies.The world has changed since then and human rights are one of the factors overlooked now. Our story is this. My husband was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and out in 2 on parole. That has not made him a fool business wise. The PT immedietly, no questions asked, took the majority of the money we had that was in an account in my husbands name only (luckily we also had an account in my name as well) We lived and ran our cattle station for nearly 50 years together very succesefully and STILL do with the help of our children as we are now elderly. The PT immediately added their name to his share of the property’s, took over the regos etc of any vehicles in his name. Even though everything belongs to us jointly, our rates bills, vehicle regos go direct to them and get forwarded to us for payment and as i can only assume they pay themselves for doing this unnecessary chore from funds taken. ????. EVERYTHING BELONGS TO ME AS WELL, IS PART OF OUR PROPERTY POOL!!!!! Could be worse i suppose as i also have things registered in my name. Sadly our whole family now can not progress as we want to. Why should everyone have to pay the price!!!!! Surely my husband who is not senile have the right to do with and run his business affairs as he wants. I am afraid to do or say anything for fear of any reprecussions but something needs to be done about the public trustee.


  11. Here is my latest episode with the Southport branch of the Qld Public Trustee.
    Back in June 2018, two Southport branch employees went to a hospital to help my father making a death bed will less than 24 hours before he died. The upshot is my father lied to them and inflated the value of his assets before leaving half his estate to his long-term girlfriend who was listed as his “partner” in the will. They got themselves appointed the executor of the will with no alternate executor.
    Then the Qld Trustee realised that his assets were in NSW and decided they wanted to renounce less than a week later. However, there was a catch. They wanted myself and his girlfriend to agree on a mutually appointed alternate executor in NSW. I asked them what would happen if we did not agree. The reply was that they would hand the will over to the NSW Supreme Court.
    My problem with the claim his girlfriend was his ‘defacto’ wife is dad had too many assets to qualify for the aged pension and she lives in Qld on a single aged pension. My solicitor subpoenaed his tax returns that show he never claimed anyone as a defacto partner in his life. So how could she qualify for a single aged pension in the first place if they were ‘partners’?
    This went to mediation in Sydney last month, which was a non-event. She gave an affidavit outlining how she was his defacto wife for nearly 30 years. There was not a lot I could do about this because nobody can subpoenaing government welfare records to attack the character of a witness in NSW.
    12 months later, the Qld Public Trustee went and handed the original will to his ‘girlfriend’s solicitor. Now, how dodgy is that?
    Well done Qld Trustee!


  12. The office of the Public Trustee is home to some of the most parasitic blood-sucking scum who ever infested the earth. To add insult to injury, the PTQ enjoys total protection. They can be eaten although most victims will not do what it takes. I am one of only three who have been victorious and I’m only too happy to help anyone fair dinkum, but i don’t abide fools. Convince me that you share my obsession with bringing this criminal organization down and I’m all ears. but if ‘its too hard’ / ‘they must observe law’ / ‘I’m looking for an easy solution’ are in your vocabulary, do yourself a favour and give up now. And yes I am bad tempered, official scum made me that way.


  13. I’m reaching out for help.
    Put in a care home in 2014.
    M Father was a Quadriplegic.
    My fathers Worth in 2010 was over $80 Million.
    2015 $50 Million, 2020, less than 10 million.

    My past passed w/o a Will.
    Dying slowing w Dementia & PT allow his Empire to be Destroy.

    What they did Not know is he had a son.
    Just as smart as my father.
    Fought to Supreme Court to Gain control.
    After 6 years I have that control with over 45,000 documents of Criminal Fraud, Laundering Money, conflict of interest, misuse of power, lying, admitting selling properties illegal.

    I’m looking for a Team of lawyers to STOP these crooks doing to somebody else.
    I want this to go to 60 minutes, A Current affairs , Bloggs, Websites, Papers, Main stream News Globally.
    I’m your Golden Ticket with all the evidence.
    Then, I will make this into a Movie.
    Using Real names to make sure the people involved will be remember for their Character Selling their Souls for Greed. ( Money).

    I have over 17 pages of corruption on the estate, to date & Leading all the way to the Top.

    I now have the Estate & want to GO after the criminals, every single one of them.

    End of the day, to lose that much money when everything was owned Debt Free.
    Bringing in cash over $2 Million yearly.

    I’m also going after the firms that Misrepresented estate : K & L Gates & Minter Ellison on Gold Coast totally Unprofessional Conduct & bleeding the estate By dragging out cases, Double billing, over charging.

    Make It A Great Day.

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    1. Hi, my sister has her funds managed by them also and often says she thinks they are stealing her funds. She is a paranoid schizophrenic but maybe there is truth to it. Were any of the accused staff by the name of Alix?


      1. Do you get statements regularly? You should be getting them at least every twelve months.
        All interactions with the trustee should be confirmed or be in writing.
        My sincere apologies for not getting back to you before now.
        We have a monthly meeting at 3 Monkies, 58 Mollusca Street West End last Saturday of each month 10am.
        Email me at rosmirciov@hotmail.com to discuss further


      2. Brigitte,
        No names as Public Trustee work as a Racketeer stealing, co-orporating with Public Guardians, QCAT, Minter Ellison..
        Also very high power Government lawyers which is due- time have their day reckoning!
        If your sister is involved with any of the above she has a problem.


      3. If the PTQ is involved, stealing, misappropriation, fraud, embezzlement and extortion are only the beginning of the financial malpractice. Names are almost meaningless due to the rapid turnover. Only a few are permanents.


  14. The occasional victim defeats the guardianship racket and regains total control of their life, however only one in about three thousand is willing to do what it takes. There are no shortcuts, beating the best organized legal scam on planet earth is not something for amateurs. I can assure you that achieving victory is a thousand times more difficult than you could ever imagine ….. but it is possible. Over the years, I’ve received many hundreds of approaches from victims wanting to know what we did to achieve victory, and after being told, every single one responded ‘I’m looking for a simpler and more straightforward solution’. (there isn’t one) Needless to say, all those folk are still in the clutches of the kangaroo tribunal, PTQ and OPG. I do not propose to go into details here as I won’t give the scum a heads-up, but there are a number of things that most definitely DO NOT work, like approaching this or that politician, approaching the media, and taking on the kangaroo tribunal without appropriate support. On that note, there is no such thing as a barrister / QC who does pro-bono in the kangaroo tribunal. If you haven’t already sought out and spoken to the precious few winners already, why not ? Surely the first place to turn for would-be victors is those who have been there done that.


    1. Hi,
      My mother was also a hapless victim of the PTQ. At 91 she went to this “rotten to the core” organization to take out a new EPA and came out with a new Will making the Pirates the new executors of her estate.
      On other issues, we have been to the OPG, QCAT ( the kangaroo court) both of which are organizations out of ” Unbelievable”!
      These organizations are not staffed by lawyers but by public servants. They play games from my childhood EG Pass the Parcel, Here we go round the Mulberry Bush, Cat and Mouse with an occasional magician’s tricks of Smoke and Mirrors.
      If you think that you live in a fair and equitable society in a first world country you are deluded!!
      After the debacle of QCAT, we went to appeal which we won. However the unconscionable jerks who are a law unto themselves handed down the judgment about nine months later, a couple of weeks after my mother died. Aren’t they cute and all governments have done nothing to sort out these useless public servants.
      It is my understanding that these non lawyers are charging around $460 per hour for their ineptness. Be warned.
      A report in the Courier Mail stated the the director of the PTQ is currently on full pay for some allegations of corruptions involving property. Why hasn’t this been investigated since? Come on Courier Mail get active. We have no other course of justice.

      One day’s failed mediation cost the estate over $30 000. The meeting was held at the Law Society for which they would have been paid handsomely. I guess this is to keep this organization “on side’. All I can advise is that you tell three people and ask them to tell three people each and spread the word, ” DO NOT TRUST THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE OF QUEENSLAND”.


      1. Hello Judith,
        Many of us have been subject to the inefficiency of all the agencies you have mentioned. Would love to talk to you.
        If you could put your matter into a two page document, your matter could be used to bring these people to account.
        Email: rosmirciov@hotmail.com.


  15. Needing some help regarding the take over date of a public trustee , can they ask for any info before their take over date when they were anointed ?can I contact someone by email please ?


  16. Hey guy’s… Fuck this…
    We all need to stand together, left Bondi for Browns Plains 2014, preventing family administering Nan to nursing home. She passed 2016 leaving house and $90,000 to my Evil sibling and I. My promise to Nan was I would buy siblings half, maintaining the property whilst he sits in goal more often than not, He was released May 2020, moves back to Sydney and after promising he would wait for my loan be approved to purchase his half, he takes me to court. SOMEHOW dispite my approval of finance, the Judge appoints trustees possesion of my home, after my two Registed Valuations that sibling just kept saying No too, clearly so Trustees would be appointed. Sunday November 1st 8.30am, they arrived Bailiff, Locksmith, Removalist truck with 9 staff at Sunday rates, took my possessions 40 min away without authorisation to storage unit at $370 per month, booked a Motel in my name for a week. CLAIM TO HAVE done a bond clean, Landscaping, they haven’t, put the cheapest jail gate pool fence around my pool destroying the half finished glass fence nearly complete. Plan to charge me $10,000 for the Eviction, pay the trustees $45,000 for their fee, plus $10,000 to some prick in their office I’ve never heard of, Two chosen solicitors FRIENDS, of theirs also. I called every Solicitor firm in Qld, can’t help unless I paid them. FINALLY I RAN TO THE 30TH FLOOR ON GEORGE ST, LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION, A LOVELY GIRL NAMED PAULA ASKED A STAFF MEMBER HOW THEY COULD HELP, THEY SUGGESTED TO RUN TO THE COURT AND FILE FOR AN INJUNCTION. MY HOME WAS TO BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION AGAINST MY WISHES, 12 MONTHS OF PLEADING TO THESE HEARTLESS ANIMALS TO TAKE MY MONEY, HALF THE MARKET VALUATION TO BUY OTHER HALF, A GOD SEND JUDGE STOPPED IT THE FRIDAY AFTERNOON. I AM TO RETURN TO COURT 12TH APRIL, UP AGAINST 5 OF THEM. WHETHER I WIN OR LOSE, PLEASE COUNT ME IN ON THE FIGHT TO EXPOSE AND RID OF THESE FUCKER’S THAT HAVE CHANGED THE HAPPY PERSON I ONCE WAS.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 😦


  17. I was with PTQ for 14 years. They got control of my compensation I received. They lost $165,000 of my money one year. They took thousands and thousands of monies in charges. I didn’t get reviewed every year to get released from their control. When I did get reviewed I missed my appointment court appointment as I wasn’t organised and they took over my weekly income. They stopped paying my mortgage as they wanted me to sell my house and go live in a rental. They gave me only $150 a week to live on with 2 teenage daughters. I spoke to them about this and they increased it to $180 which wasn’t much of a help. My daughters had to stay with my parents because of this. A year later when I was reviewed I got releases from PTQ but they left my life in a mess.


    1. There is nothing even remotely unusual in your story, indeed it is merely one of thousands of similar tales of fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement and extortion at the hands of an official crime gang. What I find particularly disturbing is that all political factions, all watchdogs, all religious franchises, the media and the ‘proper’ judiciary all turn a blind eye to the guardianship racket. Only one in about three thousand victims have ever beaten the racket, and them with the assistance of offshore agencies. There is nowhere to go in Australia as everything official is corrupt to the core.


    1. Welcome to the NWO.
      Think it’s just about Guardianship?
      Think about “INDUE” cards etc.
      The whole western world will be under Guardianship.

      Unless people stop pissin on the top of the flame.


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